I’ve been constantly asked how I make my art, so I decided to give everyone a step-by-step guide to how I create the art from start to finish.

Below, here are the steps I took for all 4 pieces of art for this past AEGIS Charity Art Auction, benefiting Child’s Play:


Step 1: I use “google” search to find reference, especially since I am not familiar with the characters and environments.

Step 2: I create some preliminary doodles on scratch paper, to get a feel of what or who I am dealing with, and get a good foundation and idea of what to draw.

Step 3: I pick the best preliminary sketch, and then I polish the loose lines.

Step 4: I may lightbox the preliminary sketch onto watercolor paper or bristol paper. For the high-end quality paper, I use either 2-ply Strathmore or Canson bristol paper (300 or 400 series) or 100 lb+ watercolor paper.

Step 5: Upon lightbox tracing the preliminary sketch onto the high-quality paper, I start inking over my pencil lines.

Step 6: After inking over my pencil lines, I add in wash or heavy blacks or whatever seems appropriate for the art piece I am creating.

Step 7: I add in final details, and may add a touch of watercolor for value, or some walnut ink. Every artist uses different mediums. I stick with the basic pencil, ink, wash, as my 3 fundamental inks. After I’m done adding the 3 fundamentals, I then decide if I want to add in more, or leave it at the 3.

Step 8: I scan it into the computer as a high-res scan, at 600 DPI (Dots-Per-Inch)!

Step 9: I modify the scan on Photoshop.

Step 10: DONE!

Below are pictures of the art process from start to finish, that I have taken with my camera (iphone 6):